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History and origin

Pérez Giménez started to help people live a healthy life at the end of the 30s in Aguilar de la Frontera (Córdoba), as a personal and business initiative of a Cordovan pharmacist, Diego Pérez Giménez.

Despite the slender economic and health resources at that time, Diego Pérez Giménez succeeded in developing an incipient pharmacopoeia, aimed at relieving the most common illnesses, and soon achieved a great presence in the market. Nowadays, those and many other products, which have been sold for six decades, make up one of the most complete and solid portfolios of over-the-counter drugs (OTC drugs) in the Spanish pharmaceutical industry.

Calmante Vitaminado, a milestone

In 1954 the Company, which was already a reference in Andalusia, took a huge step forward and became a nationally renown company by developing and marketing the Calmante Vitaminado (painkiller with vitamins) one of the most known pharmaceutical speciality in Spain.

Calmante Vitaminado is one of the most sold painkillers in Spain. Its immense popularity and success in the 50s have conferred it prestige, acknowledgement and trust among Spanish consumers.

At present Calmante Vitaminado is still the flagship of a company which is constantly loyal to the business service and innovation philosophy promoted by its founder.  

1973 the company moves to Cordoba city

The success of Calmante Vitaminado provided the Company with a solid presence in the OTC segment and has pushed its growth, laiming for relocation from the headquarters in the city of Cordoba.

2002 product diversification

Far from clinging on to the past, Laboratorios Pérez Giménez started a product diversification in 2002 to combine a double structural need: provide professionals and patients with innovating bioequivalent drugs, at a reasonable price. This was the origin of the generic drug line named CUVE®, which now has almost 30 active ingredients.

2006 Almodóvar del Río, new challenge for the future:

In 2006, the Andalusian Company started to build a new manufacturing plant in Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba), which started to operate in November 2008.
This project reinforces the pharmaceutical company's expansion challenge whilst keeping the Company's commitment with the province of Córdoba and Andalusia.

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